Hello and welcome to our Black Bronze Directory

We all have a duty to play, whether big or small, in supporting our community, that`s why the Black Bronze Directory was created: to empower, inform, and support black-owned businesses globally. This platform exists to help bring both the online and offline of all black-owned businesses together,  for other business owners and consumers to have easy access to them.

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What We Do: Black Bronze, is centered on creating a business network of black members interested in building and expanding their client base. We have discovered that a lot of black businesses provide excellent service and deliver great products but lack the exposure that enables them to grow. Black Bronze Directory aims at helping small, medium and large black businesses receive global recognition including blogs and media networks that are yet to be discovered.

Why Choose Us: This is an opportunity to help your business grow by connecting with the people who need your services. Put your business in front of thousands of potential buyers worldwide and start to build your business from the ground up.

Support Black Businesses, Buy Black, Sell Black: As a black consumer, whenever you buy black its simply means you are supporting and investing in black-owned businesses which in return will help boost the black economy. When your business gets listed on our directory database as a black business owner, then you have created a great avenue for your products and services to be visible by all in your community with direct access to your consumer which means more money for you.

Contact Us Now: Need a product or Service? You can find a Local Black-owned business in your area here on our site. Get listed today to connect with your potential clients. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our directory.

To your success

Danny Hudson