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Did you know that a British Black woman named Seven from London is the creator of the largest ever catalogue of famous stolen TV shows such as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ (UK) ‘Dancing With The Stars’ USA), ‘You Are What You Eat’ and ‘Ten Years Younger’ and many more award winning productions ?

Despite winning the historical landmark victory in the Royal Courts Of Justice in the UK, Instead of being credited and paid for her famous work and monumental achievements, Seven and her key witness cousin Roni Nicholas have been brutally, terrorized and tortured to continue stealing her publishing and copyrights.! Here are the infamous hidden courtroom audios that they don’t want the world to know about, when both Seven and her Cousin Roni Nicholas won her landmark court case along with 14 witnesses testimonies in total.

However, instead of being celebrated, credited and paid, just like in the 1700’s during the heights of slavery they have tried to murder them both ever since. Key witness Roni Nicholas who won the case with Seven is tragically dead and was poisoned as of March 2019. Please share to spread the word in honour of Black History Month. Too many of our talented creative people create great works of art that win awards that are featured and celebrated around the world, but the creator gets nothing but horrific abuse in order for criminals to steal and keep the profits and wealth from the publishing and copyrights.

Seven’s life is currently in serious danger because the criminals involved are trying to murder her to keep the truth of the horrific crimes against her hidden and stolen profits to themselves So please share this viral with the hash tag #JUSTICENOW #JUSTICE4RONINSEVEN to help us get the word out and JUSTICE NOW!!! #Justice4RoniNSeven

Please support Black Businesses by sharing

Please support Black Businesses by sharing

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