By listing your black owned business with us, you can rest assured you will attract more customers, coming through your doors. Put your business in front of thousands of visitors every day. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own.


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We do our best to follow best practices, optimize page performance and maximize security. By listing your business with us you get access to it all.
Great support, Inexpensive Advert, Brand Exposure, Our team members are always ready to give you the support you need whenever the need arises. Our Black business directory will help your business attain high standards and look professional to attract more customers.

We offer inexpensive advertisement for all business listing with a lot of exposure for your businesses than you would spend on other advertisement spots. The best way to start new black-owned businesses and build up loyalty and customer base is through the black business directory. Our directory is just another tool created for marketing your business to potential clients and customers.

Our black business directory is a great way to identify with doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals as members of the black community. Get listed for free on our business directory and become visible on the internet to attract a lot of targeted audiences towards your work, which in return will help boost your market scopes.

blog-detail-2Improving Your Website Visibility Online

We give you a more specific way to improve your website visibility online and to spread awareness of your product and services to the black community. When you choose us for your business listing the exposure potential will be exceptional. We provide our members with marketing tools, business advice, and educational opportunities. Enjoy networking potential We know the value of networking for boosting a business online and in the physical world, the networking potential can be very valuable, providing a strong marketing platform for you to stay ahead in the game.
ATTRACT More Customers

Connection with Millions of Black Businesses

Reaching out to the millions of black businesses that use the Internet daily is the key to success. Our business directory services provide a way to do just that for your business. We focus on ensuring that businesses listed on our site have the tools and information they need to succeed. Direct connection with your potential customer. Companies listed in our business directory get direct inquiries from customers who are interested in their products or services and therefore very little convincing is needed to make the purchase and expand your business.

We’ll not only help you acquire more visibility online but also help you provide your customer’s with information that will be useful to them and likewise help boost your sales. We allow users to provide full details of their business which includes the product name, services rendered, location and social media links. This allows customers to access essential information about where to contact or when to contact you. They can also reach out to you by clicking on the enquiry form located in your listing, and contact you directly.

Free promotion for all listings

Free promotion to all listings in our black business directory. Job seekers now have great opportunity to upload all their details and get great jobs within our community without any cost. Working together for a brighter future. Submit job listing or upload your details.

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