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They say in life that taste comes to you when you first get your ever first plate of food from your mum and dad. well here’s how my story began.

Having been told that one day son you will have to learn to cook was not such a bad idea, which meant that as me and my three brothers grew up we took turns in the kitchen watching either my mum or dad preparing dinner for that day or evening.

There was never to this day any measurement’s used when it came to seasoning meat, chicken or fish it was about a little bit of this or a pinch of that for the right taste, take a tea spoon, dab a little bit of juice in the palm of your and if it taste good then your good to go. Man they were the sweetest meals on our plate and to this day that is how I knew how to cook, season and prepare any dish that you can think of.

Now about my marinade;

The idea for Oneshotmarinade came to me whilst having BBQS in London Fields park, where I use to sell my food and after people had sampled the food they would asked for the recipe that I used. Week after week I would turned up with my trusted drum and cooked for the many people who would keep coming back, always asking for the recipe. So one weekend I made up 50 bottles of my marinade and sold them all, but guess what, not one plate of food was sold that day. It makes me laugh to this day cause I saw people cleaning chicken or what ever they had with lemon or vinegar in the park and seasoned it with my marinade sauce just as I had instructed and I sat and watched them enjoyed it

AND this my friends is how the POPULAR Oneshot recipe erupted into EXISTENCE.. Now I am ready to take on the world with just ONESHOT !!!

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Atuthentic caribbean flavours-Original


Authentic caribbean flavours-Pepper flakes


Authentic caribbean seasoning-Hint of garlic


Authentic caribbean flavours-Dried onion

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  • Person Spencer Fergus
  • Address 1 Galeborough Avenue,
    Woodford green,
    United Kingdom
  • Spencer Fergus


    Blackbronze has help me launch my marinade brand on there website and is going well

  • Cheryl

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I love the way One Shot sauce has been packaged, All x4 Sauces taste extremely flavoursome, when marinating with all kind of meats and fish. I would recommend you try it. Great value for the price.

    I most also state i love how Black Bronze platforms Directory and Shopping Mall is bringing the community products and services together under one roof.

  • Danny

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Thank you Spencer and Cheryl for your comments about Black Bronze.
    We’re constantly reviewing and making changes to bring you the best online experience for your business.

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