Art of the young and talented Yomelela Sithole

Art is our connection to the past. It ever lasts and just as the best of the heart the ink is like blood. Pencil down memories that can never be erased. When you have a lot to say and display words with drawing all on a page. We look deeply into art from many years ago and embrace it today. Mental prisons- Art has become the key to it’s chains. Many meanings on one picture, concealed with a frame.

A young black artist touched me. Just a pencil used,

I felt the urge to give the so touching, born and gifted artist an interview. His work is so unique. His name is Yomelela Sithole and is 21 years young. His art is named ‘Young Creator’ and his journey of art began at age 4 as he would draw on walls and on Novel books. Let’s be honest, it seems messy and needs a lot of cleaning to see a son vandalize the wall right? But it was not a worry at all is the young creator was supported by his parents and his ambition let them know that this is the path on which he will go. Being a young black artist I felt the need to give him the support.

I start of by posting just a 2 hour sketch he has made. While we are at it having elections passed, can be a wonderful honor to the new president of Southern Africa Mr Cyril Ramaphosa.

This lovely work can be found on his Twitter account @Realyungcreator.
What makes the work of this young creator even more so unique is his method of Pencil and charcoal. Ball point pen, though he is not a fan of paint. His work is as well crafted as an artist of paint. But his unique style is why he is the one to call for your favorite portrait or for a moment you want to keep as memory for years on. Young black artist has a 10 year vision. This vision is to exhibit his works around the world. So there is no other opportunity than to start by being put on the Black Business Directory which in fact is international and will enable him to meet the right people to make his dreams come true.

So more about the artist and his future plans. The Artist was questioned about studying for art or any field of study in the field of Art. The ambitious artist replies with the ambition and the backing of his talent as he explains how as a self taught artist, he feels more comfortable with teaching himself new things rather than going to art school. Watching his own chosen YouTube tutorials. The fact is some people are just born with talent. And choose to treat that talent and water and nurture it themselves. There are no limits and boundaries with pure talent like the one of this young artist. He has his own vision and he himself knows how to make it come to life. So rare , so blessed and yet young this is the ambition which will help one go over any limits. Speaking of limits as I speak to this young and ambition black artist, LIMITS there is obviously NONE. This is the black youth who in the future students will look up to. He will surely be but motivation for many and with his Art, honestly on his journey, I’m sure success will be plenty. Cheers to him.

Let’s not forget we all have picture perfect moment we would like to turn into art. The ones that touch the heart. Let my words say less as I show you how you can make this a reality just from this young and blessed black artist. Here is a drawing he made of the famous DJ Zinhle with her bundle of joy.

But wait..

This is lovely but yes you need not be famous. As even the normal persons wishes to have such memories on drawing . So be like this man.. And have yourself too on a portrait. Feeling as special as both the President Cyril Ramaphosa and much talented DJ Zinhle.

Here are 2 works of the clients of this young artist.

So imagine the out of the ordinary for your picture perfect moments. This is the person you need go to without a doubt. I know he always leaves clients ever satisfied. Even if you need the works for the wedding moments, to cherish a new birth. Let’s not forget for the ‘fly’ moments when you just suited up for a special occasion or you want to capture the perfect night with your brother and sisters as you move into the night to have your drinks. Have your picture put in black and white with such beauty that will bring colour into your life. Light to the perfect night. Works that will definitely catch the eye. Promote yourself right and have the perfect art for a display picture on social media and let’s not forget for the artists work of art for that new album and mixtape or song. You won’t go wrong with Realyungcreator. The realest of young creators for sure.

Let’s get specific into who and how the 21 year old Yomelela Sithole goes on with his beautiful creations. Without too much tools to use this is his tools. You see some pencils, and charcoal like he said and other tools but I trust that when you want your specific moment drawn by him you can personally ask him what is it in his hands and ask for any other requests. That is the part where you contact him. Just make sure to check out the @BlackBisNetwork on Twitter or check out it’s user friendly website on and easily sign up and register and be in touch with many other black business people and artists like this one. Meet the right people and connect as a team is better for the extra help and extra arms for a push to your success and manifestations of your dreams.

So I had to know from this Young creator. For others who want to create and share. What would your words be as they listen as wisdom is spread through advice. His words are “If you are a passionate artist and love what you do you have already won, all you gotta do is focus on improving your skills daily rather than being worried of how many followers you have. You gotta be patient with your progress and everything else will fall into place.” With such passion and talent clearly these are great words to touch tomorrow’s artists today. With passion , practice and improving your skills daily and being patient and worrying not. You will too one day create like this young creator, very much beautiful art. And the Black Business Directory is where you should start and the rest will fall in place as you get to speak and soon be face to face to the person or people who will help spread your work all over the world.

In support of upcoming artists, let the story of this young artist be your motivation today. So there is not anymore time to waste. Get on the net and sign up for today for your dreams to come true tomorrow with many others with the same ambition as you. Your black business is no more on it’s own. You aren’t one business any more, get connected with many more. Follow @Realyungcreator to see much more. is a click away from his Instagram.

Proudly seen by a writer of Black business Directory @Sar_shalom22 spreading the love of true art.


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