I am a qualified Accountant with over twenty years experience in finance. I work with companies, sole traders and charities to prepare their accounts and tax returns. I have an accountancy practice and I am a Treasurer for a not for profit organisation. I help clients to set budgets and monitor their expenditure against their budgets. I advise clients about forecasting tools to monitor their budgets within financial constraints. My approach is to communicate with clients so they can understand their finances and are confident to ask questions to develop their awareness of finance at a level they are comfortable with.

I work with different types of clients from senior managers to support staff so I can tailor my services to the needs of an individual client. I will identify alternative solutions to meet savings targets, generate income and managing cashflow for my clients. I provide financial strategies and business plans for my clients and review the financial performance of their organisations using performance indicators and ratio analysis.

I am aware that clients are considering income generation, option appraisal and collaborative partnerships so they can operate their businesses more efficiently and expand their businesses.

I offer business advice and I advise clients about how to implement systems to manage their finances. The main reason for business failure is due to poor cashflow management. so I support start-ups and established businesses to ensure that they have appropriate financial controls, financial regulations and budget monitoring.

Case study
My client was struggling with managing her finances for her charity. I produced monthly management accounts so the client had accurate information about her expenses and future estimated expenditure so she could control her spending and reduce activities if she was spending beyond her budgets. She gained confidence about how her spending was impacting her business activities. As a result she had a greater understanding of the accounts at the end of year as she understood how the figures from the management accounts were incorporated in the annual accounts. She was confident about approving the accounts as she understood how the accounts had been prepared with support of her Accountant who explained the financial processes, any unusual items and how the figures were complied for the accounts.

My aim is to take the mystique out of finance and offer continuous support until my clients are satisfied with their accounts, tax returns and monitoring the performance of their businesses.

Benefits of my services to clients:
• Tailored service to the needs of client:
I am aware that each business has different systems and may use an accounting software package. I can identify any cash flow difficulties, review financial processes and ensure that a business owner is achieving the level of sales stated in their business plan.

• No use of jargon or complex language
I understand that financial terminology may be daunting to some people who are anxious about managing their finances. I use plain English and avoid jargon to explain finances in a simple and easy to follow procedure.
• Work done by agreed deadline
I am aware that failure to submit accounts to Companies House and tax returns to HMRC on time will incur penalties. I realise that my clients should avoid spending money on fines which could be better utilised in their business.
• Simple processes which are explained in concise manner
I recognise that clients may need financial processes which are easy to follow so they can produce reports and returns..They can generate monthly monitoring reports to identify if they are spending significantly against their budget or do not have sufficient funds to cover their expenses.


London, UK

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